Friday, August 05, 2005

vegasbound, summerstyle

hurrah! i've just booked with a pal two nights in vegas. in less than two weeks i'll be plopped at a table making horse bets with my bookie friend. i can hardly wait. while there i can also check out the home of my future marathon (dec. 4), but this month with a drink in hand calmly sauntering past the glitzy, glam of the strip. is anyone else training for vegas? if you haven't decided which fall marathon to do, consider it. think about it: cheap flights (from anywhere), cheap rooms, running, new friends, a cocktail toast before many are even awake.

as for this evening, here's how the decision went down.
for background,my bestest local friend and fave running buddy LM is soon moving to a nearby big city.
me: what are you doing?
her: getting ready to go to bar (our fave fri night bar). what are you doing?
(at this point i open my mouth to tell her i'll join her but am interrupted--)
her: going running?
instant guilt sets in. i have my gym bag packed, i'm ready to go. i explain.
her: no! i'm moving soon and you have to come and spend time with me! don't go running, do it tomorrow!
me: ok! see you soon!

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