Thursday, April 27, 2006


I just read Jeff’s Boston race report.
Jeff was one of the first bloggers I ever read. He found me I think cause I was doing Vegas. He was there as support staff, the best EVER. He had like the best time and I loved reading the race report.

I forgot how much I loved reading people’s race reports (most of em anyway. Some are kinda boring) and just feeling like a part of a community. Blogging’s neat that way. If you haven’t checked it out, head over to Jeff’s site (link is on the right).

Four more days until the Jersey half. There was a time I’d never have McDonalds French fries four days before the race. And I really meant to just order the grilled Asian salad but the fries were FRESHLY POURED OUT. But did I get the small dollar size? No, had to get the medium.

I feel sluggish heading into race. I’m severely undertrained. I don’t have much doubt I’ll finish, but I mean, a year ago, I was like hardcore for my first half. When I think of doing the race this weekend, I think of BMI (body mass index boy I’m seeing). It’s his first big race. We agreed to run together even though at first I was like ‘but, I don’t DO races with other people. What if I want to go faster?’ I’ve since gotten over that. First of all, I ain’t running fast. Second, it’ll be fun and he said it would mean a lot to him if we ran together.

He’s so excited. He has this infectious energy where he views new things as if through the eyes of a child. It’s charming. I’m getting sissie a shirt at the race. What the heck, her bday was only a month ago. This shirt’ll complete her gift.

Speaking of, she keeps emailing that she wishes she was back in Mexico.
“I want a taco and a Modello,” she writes today.
“Um sis,” I point out,. “You don’t even like beer.”
“A vodka con pina, then” she responds.

That sissie. And if anyone remembers, no, she’s not doing San Diego. Maybe 2007.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

hola, mis amigos que corren

6,500 feet, that´s the altitude where I´m at right now, in the state of Zacatecas, Mexico. I´m here for 10 days enjoying semana santa (holy week) with grandma, sis and mom. I have a whole new respect for the Colorado contingency. How in the hell do you guys run in this? The first day, unaware of the change (allentown is 400 feet), sis and I set off for an easy 30-minute run. We could barely breathe and our lungs burned. I was totally lightheaded.

The unpaved roads and hard cement are a killer on my legs, who whine from my calves, to my ankles to my knees. They long for the soft parkway. I assure them it wont be long.

Great training though, the half marathon in Jersey is 10 days away. The week after that, i´m doing the 45-mile bike ride through the five boroughs of New York. BMI boy and I are doing both together. He registered us this week.

BMI boy and I are dating, after weeks of back and forth. I don´t want a relationship; he´s not used to sharing girls he´s dating; I want to date other people, he says OK, for now; I call it off because I can´t offer an emotional commitment right now; he agrees then decides he can handle the situation. And so on and so forth.

I thought this trip would be a good time to sort through my feelings with BMI boy as well as the other boy, who I try over and over to get out of my mind. BMI has rather thrown me for a loop. I´m practically in love with guy I want out of my mind, but yet am developing feelings for BMI, who is sweet and possesses all the qualities I ever have pictured in a mate. It´s so strange. But I get nowhere. All my thoughts do are drift like tumbleweed, without direction, without destination and with no end. So as in PA, Ive no answers, come to no decisions. So as in PA, it´s back to one day at a time. That´s probably best

Monday, April 03, 2006

marathon 'training'

Preparations continue for the Long Branch Jersey shore half marathon April 30.

On Sunday, they included a planned 10-mile run that turned instead into drinking beers in the warm afternoon sunshine while sitting on the curb. My friend I'm doing the race with, BMI (body mass index boy), well, his ankles were hurting. I had had a bad Saturday night with the guy I insist on keeping in my life and spent Sunday morning crying. I decided I'd write off the day. It was the right move. The sunshine felt so incredibly beautiful on my face as we sillily sprawled out on the sidewalk in front of his house that I actually had a nightmare that evening about a snowstorm.

We made lasagna together for the Sopranos viewing party he hosts every Sunday. I love a man who's good in the kitchen. And since Id had a few beers he got nervous when i was chopping the sausage so he did it. That's nice of him. I'm glad I still have my fingers.

But no more skipped runs! I'm doing a run with a group tomorrow after work, then I've got a long run planned for Wednesday before work. Runs on Saturday and Thursday are also on the agenda.

I think we're making a weekend out of it, race weekend near the shore. Hope it's warm.

Nothing much else to report except that it is with sadness that my dear practically favorite running blogger has decided to call that blog quits, for now. Scott said after Vegas he had a feeling his running blog days were over. I feel i am losing a blogging friend. At least I know what's going on in his life. His baby is already a month old (my how time flies!), and he's the cutest thing ever; a total made-for-tv baby. Brit, keep the photos coming.