Friday, October 06, 2006

As Lawrence Welk might say, Until we meet again...

So ya, I’ve been meaning to write this for awhile but i’ll start, then stop, then start, then whatever.

I’m signing off for the year from this blog. I’ve decided I’m done training for anything for 2006. There’s a team of us doing the Chicago Olympic Triathlon so as I begin early next year training for that, I’ll be back.

Since I decided my race schedule was done this year –– and 2006 consisted of a whole sprint triathlon. Whoppee – my workouts became less intense. Oh I still run at least 3 times a week, but instead of an 8 or 10 miler, it’s closer to 3 or 5. Mysteriously, I have consumed the same amount of calories as when I’m in hardcore mode.

With that in mind, my off-season goals:
1. Not enter 2007 having to lose 15 or 20 pounds.
2. Figure out what is going on in my love life. Since for the last year I have unsuccessfully tried various ways of making the puzzle fit, this might prove difficult.
3. Get my finances in some kind of shape. Part of my decision to not do any immediate races is because of the costs involved with registering, travel, etc.
4. Get a new pair of running shoes. I’m actually in the same pair I used in the 2005 Vegas marathon. What a mess.
5. Work on incorporating core workouts as part of my training.
6. Get involved in community service.
7. Begin work on my novel.
8. Climb the tallest tree.
9. Have I mentioned I’d like to get my love life in order?

And finally, in what might prove the most difficult among the ten...
10. Get the new Elmo doll for my mom (yes you read this right. My MOM wants it) in time for Christmas. Wish me luck.

I’ll let you know next year how successful I was in accomplishing these 10 things. Until then, happy running, swimming and biking. Peace.