Sunday, June 25, 2006

Must reads

Kim may not be the most consistent training partner as of late, but she’s always got running on the brain. It’s like she’s a runner, only without really running.

So she’s at a second-hand book sale to benefit United Way last week and finds a book. There’s two copies. She picks up one for me and her. It’s called, “Sole Sisters: Stories of Women and Running.”

It’s a collection of stories compiled by two journalists all about running and women (as the title suggests). It’s like Chicken Soup for the Soul, only all about running.

I love it. Couldn’t stop choking up with every chapter.

I’m training for a triathlon right now and while I think it’s good to be well rounded and all, most days I have to force myself not to run so I’m not pathetic in the swim and bike portions of the race. As much as I like cross training I just have to admit I’m a runner at heart. Only when I run do I feel so at peace and like the world is mine.

I think all you gals out there should pick up a copy. It’ll just reinforce the feelings of why you’re a runner, what you love about running, and what a special thing it is.

Friday, June 23, 2006

The beautiful flower

It's Friday, my reflection day. Usually it involves contemplating my life and relationships. Today is no exception.

Sissie is moving in just over a week. She's never lived farther than half an hour from my parents in northern San Diego County. Her entire life she's dreamed of moving. Boston, New York, Washington, D.C. A part of her always felt she'd never make it. Too close to my parents (and caretaker of the family), maybe too scared, and to do what? She'd be the married woman with kids upset, regretful, perhaps filled with a longing that would never be fulfilled.

When she applied for this job in Chicago, I wonder if she ever thought she'd get it. Career moves like that didn't happen to her. They happened to her sister, her friends. But now it's happening.

On July 3 sissie flies from Los Angeles to Chicago to begin a new time in her life. I doubt she's as nervous as me. I know she'll do great, that's not it. But she's so young! How can you be ready for the great big world at 27!!!!???

Her friend, who has been her friend since they were misfit junior high kids, wrote her a letter. It was on the first card she picked up. Fate. The quote on the front of the card could not have been more fitting.

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

So go on then little sissie. Blossom.

the po racer

The Kahuna wasn't kidding. A while back he blogged about how expensive races were becoming.
I just paid $100.11 for a SPRINT triathlon. The registration ($70), the "late" fee ($10 -- like three weeks before a race should be considered late), the one-day USAT membership ($9), my extremely generous contribution to the cancer/lympho society ($5 - hey, i'm a journalist) and the Lin-Mark processing ($6.11). At this rate Im going to be priced out of racing pretty soon. Geez.
My first tri, in May 2004, I paid like $60 total. That's practically a 100% increase. And I can guarantee you my salary aint jumped that much.

The good news is, I'm officialy registered!

By the way, I just learned Ocean City, N.J., likely site of the August bloggers gathering is a DRY city. Who in the hell ever heard of a DRY shore town? Bizarre.

PS scott: the race is (.5 mi Swim, 12 mi Bike, and 3.1 mi Run)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sometimes you feel like a nut

I'm in a professional rut right now. I'm depressed and down and feel like an underachiever. I wonder if my parents are wondering why I'm such a loser. Or worse yet they're thinking their brilliant daughter is out doing great things and she isn't. In fact she isn't even close. But since i'm SO OVER this blog being a place for me to CRY AND WHINE LIKE A BABY, I'm off to fake being in a good mood. And While i'm faking being in a good mood, the news is actually quite good. So...

SCOTT AND BRIT ARE COMING TO VISIT IN AUGUST! It'll be like a Vegas reunion, only so, so, so much better cause instaed of having to run 26.2 miles and go to bed early (boring) and not party on a saturday night (yaaaawn) we'll hopefully be in the warm sun of the Jersey shore with their two little darling baby boys playing and then later running with Shore Turtle and whoever else wants to join us (talking to Keith, Natalia and Jeff here...)

The other news is sissie is just two weeks away from moving to Chicago. Do you know what this means? My pals and I decided Friday -- Chicago Triathlon 2007. It's so on. My friend just did her first tri on Sunday. I mentioned the tri bloggers and had she heard of them? (no she hadn't but she will love you guys). Then she said she'd always wanted to do the Chicago Tri. I said sissie was moving there. My friend said his sis was too and viola! It's on!

As for my July 16 triathlon, my first race of any kind this season (Oh, i'm so embarassed to write that), I've lost both my training partners. One fell off the face of the planet (kim), the other went and got pregnant (partypooper). So it's just me, myself and I. I've got roughly 17 hard workouts left, I calculated today. That's enough time to get myself into decent shape. Hard bike and swim yesterday, hard hilly run today. keep it up.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


When I was 19, I fell in love for the first time. His name was Collin. He was a San Francisco kid that moved to San Diego to be with his mom after high school. His teacher was the woman Michelle Pfeifer played in “Dangerous Minds.” I was so in love.

He was street (to this day, to quote Destiny’s Child, “You better be street if you looking at me/I need a soldier in here”). He also was intrigued with a checker at the grocery store where we all worked. I know that days after we broke up he was already with her. He was 19, she was 32. And they both made a big deal of making sure that I knew they were together. Goodness. I simply can’t imagine being like that, particularly to a little lovestruck 19-year-old (moi). Butthead. I didn’t like her for a long time.

Ive let go of any grudges long ago. And while this blog doesn’t seem like the most appropriate place to post this, this is what I’m thinking now. And since I don’t carry a normal journal, this is where it’ll go.

I do not understand how “events” get to me as they do. I mean, birthdays can come and go. Let’s grab a cocktail, I’m fine. But now I’m turning 30 and it’s like, whoa, hey, hi, member me?

It’s like Valentine’s Day, my first single one in 5 years. And I spent the entire day tripping about how I was alone and sad and how the guy I was seeing – the one that’s entirely wrong for me – wasn’t gonna be with me. In that way. So I made a nice call to him late at night about why couldn’t we be together and other nonsense. Sheesh.

Try as I might, Im still a girl. Can’t help it. I try. But I’m still a girl. Then when I showed up at his place late at night he had bought me my favorite perfume. And I was like way too delighted. Girl.

So Goodbye the yellow brick road...(and 20s!)

Sometimes, it’s nice to have writer friends. They’re able to communicate with words in such a way many others can’t. This is not to say they can communicate in person or anything, but still.

I’m five hours away from 30. but really, more like 11, I was born at like 530 a.m. PCT. Or was it 730. Gotta call mom.

Anyway, my friend, bookie as I’ve referred to him here for his love of horses (or rather, betting on horses), sent me an email for my bday. No time for gift, no time for card, he writes. But here’s 30 things I like about you. Here’s a few Ill share. My thoughts are in parantheses

8. You liked Qualcomm/the Murph better than you like Petco Park. (I’m from San Diego, born a true blue Padres Jack Murphy stadium girl! Petco what!)
11. Although you are justifiably proud of your heritage, you have never subjected me to any forced viewings of, or conversations about, Lucha Libre.
12. You like beer. Mmmm, beer.
15. You ran a marathon. (ahem)
17. You're close to your family.
19. You cash more horse bets than I do.
21. You're sexy. Decorum prevents expanding on this one. (Ahem!!)
23. You've got a great laugh.
24. You're difficult to define ---- there's so many aspects of who you are.
25. You've been a good mom to Reese. (my darling little boy, aka cabbage patch kid)
30. You're getting better, adding admirable qualities all the time. Which means I won't ever have problems completing this list no matter how long our friendship lasts.

Thanks Bookie. I have no doubt this’ll be the best gift I get.
I’m 30. what what!
Ps don’t say it you well meaning’ers. That’s fine if you think I don’t look a day over 25 but seriously, 30’s not old.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Kim's (almost) road to San Diego

I can hardly believe this is the weekend of the Rock n Roll Marathon in San Diego.

Loyal readers may recall months and months ago sissie and Kim decided they were going to participate. Kim would do so for Team n Training, sissie would join a local San Diego runners club. I’d eagerly cheer them on. Needless to say, neither of them are doing it.

Because I talk to both of them daily, I know a bit about how their training went.
Lets take a peek at Kim's journal to see what went wrong:

January 3: I have decided to complete my first marathon. I can’t wait! What a feat.

Jan. 15: The features editor asked me if I’d chronicle my first-time marathon adventure for the newspaper. Great! I’m gonna be a star. 26.2....and the whole world will know about it....

Feb. 2: Attend team-n-traning meeting. How neat. But well, I had to leave early. Meeting a friend for some Texas Hold em and some cocktails. Still. I. AM. AMPED.

March 7: I got this email from Partyrunner today (she can be such a nag) “Yo Kim, if you’re serious about doing this, you gotta buckle down. Ive told you this before, but Respect the Distance.” (in a mimicky voice) 'Respect the distance. Respect the distance.' She’s so boring. She’s read too many Runners World magazines and web sites.

April 5: I haven’t ran in a month. But I’m still optimistic I’ll be ready. I mean, San Diego? What a great vacation this’ll be!

April 23: Man my head is hurting! I’m not letting my friend Charlie ever let me do that $4 bucks for 6 beers and $10 in poker chips again.

April 24: OK, so I went out again. But I placed second in the poker game!

May 7: I’d write more but I’ve gone out every night so I've been kind of busy. I’m not sure about San Diego. It’s only four weeks away....

May 31: I run my first three miles in a month. I guess San Diego isn’t happening.

Today: I spend the day e-mailing Partyrunner with all the races we’re going to do this season. “Hey, Partyrunner, what about the Vegas marathon?” ........

But seriously, good luck to all the San Diego bloggers. May you be watched over as you run and most of all, have a fantastic time!!!

And what do we have over here. Why yes, I believe they're exceprts from sisie's training log...