Friday, March 31, 2006

life. death.

What do you say when there are no words?

I stand there making small talk about running trails, half marathons, I say we should run sometime, and my heart is racing and my mind swirling. A tragedy strikes – not to me but a dear friend. I wait for him to come to me so we can walk. Meanwhile, I make small talk with a colleague.

I am reminded of a song: “But life goes on, and this whole world will keep on turning…” it’s from “For the Good Times,” one of my favorite songs, and one I listened to endlessly when I broke up with my first love.

Life goes on, runners talk running, coworkers wrap up stories. And in a corner of the world, the world is upside down. Devastation. But life goes on, and this whole world will keep on turning.

He says God brought me into his life, at this moment.

I saw an episode of Six Feet Under Wednesday night, the night before. A girl cries her aunt has died. She says no one has ever loved her except her aunt. She asks why people die. Nate, the main character who I just adore, says people die to remind you to cherish every day. To live each day like it will be your last. It sounds like your aunt, he says, did just that.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Getting shocked SUCKS ASS

Do you know why I can't wait for winter to get over?

It's not the weather. I can deal with the cold. I live alone, and my front closet can barely close from all my lovely winter coats, hats and scarves. Ive got the clothing which frankly is half the battle.

It's not the trees. I can deal with the nakes trees. I don't feel so blue when I see them. I know they will grow again.

It's not even that it gets dark too early for me to run after work outside.

But if i get shocked one more time, I'm gonna THROW SOMETHING REALLY FAR. I HATE getting shocked. If you know me, you know I HATE getting shocked. I will go to great extremes to avoid getting shocked.

Walking into gym, I will simply wait by the door for someone to open it so I don't get shocked on the handle. I have begun to get violently shocked when I push down the lock to my truck as I head out, so I grab whatever is near me -- a tissue box, my purse, my coffee mug -- to push it down for me. I tap the stupid metal door to my work bathroom quickly so the shock is minimized (what bathroom door shocks. MINE DOES). I close my truck door and other doors with my foot so as to avoid being shocked on that.

I've often thought people must think I'm strange when they see me do odd things like hesitate before touching something or waiting for a door to open. I started thinking about it. It's practically OCD (obsessesive compulsive disorder).

So bring on summer. Bring on air thick with humidity and moisture that makes you sweat before you take a single step outside. Bring it on because in this weather, you see, I don't get shocked.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tis official

Dear Runner: Congratulations! You're officially registered for our Long Branch Half Marathon (LBH)-A Benefit for children's charities!

If you happen to be a New Jersey resident check-out the NJRRC's great Sunday morning group training runs at: NJ Half Marathon
All paces are welcome and you do not have to be a NJRRC member! Also, expect periodic updates as we get closer to the NJM/LBHWeekend.

Running regards, Art Castellano, Director-NJM President-NJRRC

The columnist (is in)

For those of you who may be long loyal readers of this blog, I occasionally write a running column. I’m here to answer all your running questions/concerns. Or if you just want a word of encouragement, I can do that too.
Here’s the latest:

Dear RC (running coach)
i remember reading on your blog once that you wear the brooks five running shoe. Is it in fact the brooks five adrenaline GTS? cause if so, it's the same shoe i wear and love, but cannot find in El Paso. And the brooks web site only offers the six, which you wrote gave you blisters.

please advise.


Dear Jake the Runner,
Brooks did make a fantastic running shoe at the onset of the 2005 season. What a fantastic shoe, the Brooks Adrenaline 5 GTS. Then, deciding being one of the top sellers in the entire history of the world wasn't enough, they opted to switch to the Brooks 6. The shoe then became stiff, with a thicker, more cushioned middle, thereby creating much discomfort to runners not needing a thicker, more cushioned middle.

There exist limited places you can purchase the 5s online. I hope you have a crazily small foot or large foot though, since many normal sizes are almost entirely gone. (I guess i'd have to say, I'd rather you have a crazily big foot though, Jake the Runner, now that I think about it).

Thanks for your question. You've got this columnist thinking about my next pair of shoes. If I can't find another pair of the 5s, I've got to start mentally preparing for the emotional, physical and psychological breakdown.

As always, thanks for the question, Jake. Happy running.
Signed,RC (running coach)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Allentown to Jersey, onward!

I got the greatest suggestions for how I should get into the Allentown half-marathon, which sold out a good TWO MONTHS before the race. Who registers a WHOLE TWO MONTHS BEFORE A RACE?

Anyway, I'm down for the lying, stealing, cheating, begging, running errands, baring my entire bare top (i am not modest). You know what, screw that, I'm even down for putting on a Southern accent. And you know how hot Mexicans with Southern accents are...(thanks Curly Sue!). I thought about bandit but is it wrong to want a medal? Oh, and have my name be called as I run into the stadium like they do?

The sad reality is I may be missing my practically favorite race. But, as is so often the case, when a door closes another opens. I think me and BMI (the boy who asked my body mass index the first night we met in a bar, a story I've shared multiple times but I just love it. Yes, Keith, beer involved) are doing this instead. NJ Marathon It's right on the water and we're going to make it a weekend I think. It'll be his first (half that is. he he) so he's all jazzed. And he has offered to get the room so I can't lose! I hope it's sunny. BMI is the sweetest boy like ever. He's coming on a little strong but see, he always tells me how beautiful and amazing I am and oh my is that my head swelling?

It's been a good week for training. Snowboarding Tuesday and a little run today. Im going to the mountains this weekend so I hope to get in at least a short run. But first tomorrow night I'm hosting a birthday get together. Then we're going to a drag club a block away. Ah yes, some days, I say, It's good to be single...

One last thing, i found this darling little blog. It's called Tan Lucy Pez, and it's run by this senior citizen from Pennsylvania. Here in this state, that's a little like saying that woman's a Mexican in Mexico. The state's chock full of them. Seniors, that is, not Mexicans. I've lived in many places, and I feel I can say with some authority people in this state are the quirkiest, craziest people I've ever met (listening, Kimberly?). Tan Pez is one of them. And she runs the most adorable site. I can't remember the last time I read it and didn't laugh. She does cool things like go see the groundhog see his shadow (of COURSE PA would host that!). Check it out.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

births...of babies and of training

(Yawn...stretch...) And so I come out of a sleepy hibernation and return to my regularly scheduled blog. The last two weeks have been a blur of concerts (did I hear Air Supply?), shows (les Miserables, always beautiful), snowboarding (slowly getting better), bars (too many too list) and a few dates. But wait! First things first.

Brit HAD A BABY BOY!!!!!! You may know Brit from running stitch. I met Brit while training for the Vegas marathon, which her husband Scott was doing. Now they are my dear friends and I’ve been waiting eagerly as little Willie took his sweet time joining us. It was a safe, healthy 15-minute delivery. Congratulations, Brit and Scott! I look forward to seeing the little ones this summer.

Yesterday was Day 1 of my return to formal training. Me and this guy, who I’ll call BMI since he asked my body mass index the first night we went, took a hard charging eight miles. It felt great and it feels even better to be back to training. Then today Kim and a friend did a 3-miler. So excited and happy we were discussing the April 30 half marathon, and how stoked we were and how the training was ON.


I am so so so so so so sad. I loved that race! Did it last year, was my first half marathon. The start is like 4 blocks from my house and it’s so well-organized and a perfect size and I CANNOT BELIEVE IT’S SOLD OUT. I don’t care, Runner’s World magazine headquarters is only miles from where I live. They’re organizing the event. Don’t think I’m not going to go over there IN PERSON and BEG AND PLEAD to get into the race. Wish me luck. I intend to turn on the charm like nobody's business.