Monday, December 17, 2007

Winter Runs

So this Southern California native found herself Sunday traipsing through several inches of thick, icy snow yesterday afternoon.

The house was clean, the brownies made, the coffee drank (I'm nesting), no good football was on (till 4 anyway. What's up, SD, what what!). Off I went.

Off I went to the parkway, my favorite place to run. Snow and ice fell from the trees, dripping on me as it melted. It felt like I was running in sand that's how grueling it was.

I saw only one other runner and two families sledding. Man I want to try sledding. I loved the solitude and the peace. And feeling like I could barely catch my breath but when I walked I sunk in even further. What a magical run.

For me this weeekend was about getting back to the basics. Me and the MAN used to spend entire weekends in bed. Lamers. I made homemade bread, brownies, went to the library, ran, read, spent time with my friends.

Friday night was the Bedazzler Christmas (the bedazzlers are what my group of friends call ourselves..I didn't name us). We had the bestest time ever. But why did I sit on my girlfriend Gen's lap?

From my family to yours: Merry Christmas! P.S. I am in black with the big goofy grin.

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Curly Su said...

winter runs are the best...wishing you so much goodness as the holidays and new year start...